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Elmwood Data develops unique, highly customizable web-based financial and economic data analysis tools for investment professionals. Click Here

Fundamental or Bottom-up investors can build data series models with economic and commodity data to analyze their respective impacts on stock and sector performance.

Trend-following or Technical investors can analyze moving average crossovers and measure data series movement in relation to a moving average in percentage and standard deviation terms.

Macro- or top-down investors can study the relevance of how one data series impacts another and define the relationship based upon their correlation and a lead/lag analysis. Tactical investors can analyze option volume and open interest data on both equities and futures for trading entry and exit points.

Our Scenario Analysis Tool allows you to measure in percentage and standard deviation terms, the average outcome of a data series movement.

Did you ever want to...
  • … see how the S&P 500 typically performed 1, 3, 6, and 12 months after it fell 10% below its’ 50 day moving average? Click Here
  • … measure the historical performance of the stock market after the ISM survey moved two standard deviations from trend? Click Here
  • … predict the price of natural gas by analyzing weekly coal rail car shipments? Click Here
  • … search to see if unemployment really is a lagging indicator, or does it lead in a recovery?
  • … convert the put/call ratio of AAPL into a 20 day moving average and compare it against the underlying stock? Click Here
  • … merge GDP, employment, industrial production, and real personal income statistics to verify if we are in a recession or not?
  • … back test the performance of the S&P 500 when its’ 50 day moving averages crosses up above its’ 200 day moving average? Click Here
Data available for download: Equities & ETF, Indices, Sentiment, Market Internals, Commitments of Traders, Interest Rates, Exchange Rates, Economic Data, Internet Search Trends, Miscellaneous, User Uploads
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Equities and ETFs* Sentiment*
Indices* Internet Search Trends*
Economic Data* Railroad Data
Market Internals* ICI Mutual Fund Flows*
Equity Open Interest Baker Hughes Rig Counts*
Daily Treasury Statements* User Uploads*
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Equities and ETFs* Futures Options Open Interest Daily Treasury Statements*
Indices* Commitments of Traders* User Uploads*
Interest Rates* Internet Search Trends*
Exchange Rates* Railroad Data
Economic Deta* ICI Mutual Fund Flows*
Futures (prices) Baker Hughes Rig Counts*
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Stock Prices* Futures Options Open Interest Railroad Data
Stock Market Indices* Commitments of Traders* Open Interest
Sentiment Index* Historical Interest Rates* Commodity
Market Internals* Consumer Price Index* Futures Prices
Economic Data* Baker Hughes Rig Counts* User Uploads*
Exchange Rates* Internet Search Trends*    
ICI Mutual Fund Flows* Daily Treasury Statements*  
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   * Downloadable data series.
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This ScreenFlow video requires a more recent version of the Adobe Flash Player to display. Please update your version of the Adobe Flash Player.
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